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Project management is the art of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals.  The word ‘project’ usually implies a temporary undertaking with a beginning and an end, a set budget and deliverables, and an objective to bring about beneficial change or added value to the client.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while under constraints of scope, time, quality and budget.  Project managers can have the responsibility of the planning, execution and closing of any project, typically relating to construction, architecture, aerospace and defense, computer networking, telecommunications, or software development.  Many other fields in the production, design and service industries also have project managers.  Key project management responsibilities include creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project management triangle: cost, time, scope, and quality.

The management of construction projects requires knowledge of modern management practices as well as an understanding of the design and construction process.  Construction projects have a specific set of objectives and constraints such as a required time frame for completion.

What is construction project management?
Construction project management involves the art of planning, coordination, budgeting, and supervision of construction projects from early development to completion.  Management encompasses several aspects of the project, including:

  • Prepare and negotiate cost estimates, budgets, and work timetables
  • Select appropriate construction methods and strategies
  • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and other construction and building specialists
  • Select, hire, and instruct laborers and subcontractors
  • Instruct and supervise construction personnel and activities onsite
  • Interpret and explain contracts and technical information to workers and other professionals
  • Report on work progress and budget matters to clients
  • Respond to work delays and other problems and emergencies
  • Comply with legal requirements, building and safety codes, and other regulations

Construction managers, often called general contractors or project managers, coordinate and supervise a wide variety of projects, including the building of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial structures, roads, bridges, power plants, schools, and hospitals.  They oversee specialized contractors and other personnel.  Construction managers schedule and coordinate all design and construction processes to ensure a productive and safe work environment.  They also make sure jobs are completed on time and on budget with the right amount of tools, equipment, and materials.  Many managers also are responsible for obtaining necessary permits and licenses.  They are often responsible for multiple projects at a time.

Construction managers work closely with other building specialists, such as architects, engineers, and a variety of trade workers, such as stonemasons, electricians, and carpenters.  Projects may require specialists in everything from structural metalworking and painting, to landscaping, building roads, installing carpets, and excavating sites. Depending on the project, construction managers also may interact with lawyers and local government officials.

For projects too large to be managed by one person, such as office buildings and industrial complexes, a construction manager would only be in charge of one part of the project.  Each construction manager would oversee a specific construction phase and choose subcontractors to complete it.  Construction managers may need to collaborate and coordinate with other construction managers who are responsible for different aspects of the project.

To maximize efficiency and productivity, construction managers often use specialized cost-estimating and planning software to effectively budget the time and money required to complete specific projects.  Many managers also use software to determine the best way to get materials to the building site.

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