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Core drilling is the process of making precise circular cuts into different surfaces to make smooth openings for a variety of applications.

In construction, core drilling is commonly used to create openings for utility purposes – such as the laying of pipes, installation of electrical wires, and for fitting in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning vents.  Other uses include creating openings for fiber optics, telephone lines and computer lines.

Mining companies use a core drill to extract rock samples for prospecting.  Oil companies use it to test the layers and depth of a rock and oil source before they decide to start operations.  Engineers use a core drill to determine the composition and strength of the foundations of bridges and buildings.

A core drill is a specialized drill with a hollow center, designed to carve a hole through a surface and extract a solid cylindrical sample from the drilled material.  The extracted material left inside the drill bit is called the core.  The mechanism of a corer is essentially like that of other drills.  It is made of metal, and the drill tips are coated with diamond or carbide.  Compared with the standard drill bit, the corer gets the job done more rapidly since much less material needs to be removed.

Different surfaces in core drilling
There are many different surface types that a core drill can penetrate, such as masonry, drywall, wood, metal and natural stone.  The corresponding drill bit for each surface must be installed for good drilling performance.

Fitting pipes through walls and installing doorknobs through doors are two common reasons for using a core drill.  Core drilling on ceramic tile or tile flooring allows homeowners and tile installers to slip the tile over obstacles.  Some instances require a cylinder of material to be removed so the cavity can be used.  For example, concrete core drilling may be required to install handrail posts.  Core drilling can likewise be undertaken on a curb for laying a storm drain.

Concrete cutting
Closely related to core drilling, concrete cutting is the process of cutting out large, square- or rectangle-shaped incisions into wall concrete or slab concrete.  Many concrete cutting companies employ state-of-the-art diamond cutting technologies to make their work as precise as possible.

Concrete cutting is common in construction where the chief material used is stone, terracotta, concrete brick or cemented concrete blocks.  Large-scale coring projects include dams, piers and wharves, parking garages, nuclear power plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, interstate highways and bridges.  On a smaller scale, concrete cutting is performed to make or enlarge door, window and bulkhead openings, and to cut trenches for plumbing, sump pumps, drains, electrical conduit or other utilities.


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